Standard Poodle weight

Typical Standard Poodle Weight

Standard Poodles are usually 16 inches to 24 inches tall. Female Standard Poodle weight is usually 40-50 lbs. as an adult. Male Standard Poodle weight is usually 50-70 lbs. as an adult. They are classified as a medium to large sized breed. 

Standard Poodle Weight as They Grow

Poodle puppies grow rapidly during their first three months of life.  Their weight can increase up to 25lbs. within their first three months of life.  Then their growth rate slows down to 5-10 lbs. a month until they stop growing. Female poodles are typically smaller than male poodles.  A female Standard Poodles growth will significantly slow down when they reach 6 months. A male Standard Poodles growth will slow down a bit later, at 10 months.  

Factors that affect a poodles adult size include; diet, genetics, health, environment, gender, and the age at which you spay/neuter your pup. Spaying and neutering young typically reduces adult weight due to the affect on hormones.




Standard Poodle Weight at Tamarack Poodles

Here at Tamarack Standard Poodles, our moms are typically in the lighter range of the expected standard Poodle weight. We do not own any Standard Poodle Stud dogs, so the puppies expected weight will vary depending on the sire chosen for the expected litter.  We have planned litters with mini poodle studs. We are very excited to be expecting puppies that will be 25-35 lbs. at maturity. 

When to Worry About Your Standard Poodles Weight

Poodles only eat when they are hungry which is not typical of most dog breeds. Many poodles graze on their food and only take small bites periodically. Therefore, it is not typical for a Poodle to become overweight. It is more often a concern
that your Poodle isn’t eating enough. Their curly coat can make it hard to notice when they are loosing or gaining weight. A Poodle can gain or loose weight without their owners noticing.  It is important to periodically feel their bodies to determine if they have gained or lost weight.

The amount of food Poodles need can depend on age, activity level, and metabolism.  If they need to gain weight you can add canned food to their diet. If they need to loose weight be sure to decrease treats and decrease portion size by 25%.

I offer 1 to 1.5 cups of food twice a day.  Some meals they will eat all of the food and at other meals they will only have a few bites. Two meals a day is much better than 1 large meal a day to avoid bloat. Poodle Health  

If your poodle is healthy, happy and has plenty of energy for play and exercise they are most likely eating the right amount of food.