Poodle Puppies For Sale Health Guarantee

Poodle Health Guarantee

Standard Poodle puppies for sale from Tamarack Standard Poodles, in Central New York State


Standard Poodle Health

All breeds of dogs have their own propensities towards particular inherited diseases.  While the Standard Poodle is physically built to be healthy (e.g. no squished face that promotes breathing issues, wrinkly skin) there are some diseases that are not uncommon in them. 

You can find more information about common health issues in your breed here:   click here to see Tamarack Poodles Health testing page. 

Standard Poodle Puppy Health

The best way to protect your new poodle puppy from inherited diseases is to make sure your poodle puppy is NOT INBRED. This is why we do not inbreed and are, as a result, confident enough in the genetic health of our puppies to provide a lifetime money back health guarantee against life threatening, serious congenital (condition present from birth) health issues. Please click here to see a copy of our health guarantee contract

Here at Tamarack Standard Poodles we take it one step further and DNA test all of our breeding dogs to determine their Genetic Coefficient of inbreeding (COI).   COI is the most accurate method for measuring inbreeding.  Unlike pedigree based COI calculations, genetic COI evaluates the actual pieces of DNA in a dog to identify which proportion traces back to inbreeding. 

Studies show that excessive inbreeding can have a profound impact on a dog’s health and lifespan. Many breeding programs utilize linebreeding and inbreeding as a means of maintaining breed characteristics and emphasizing desired traits and colors. However, as inbreeding increases in a breed so do some negative side effects , one being decreased disease resistance.  

Here at Tamarack Standard Poodles we submit both of the potential parents' genetic panels prior to breeding to determine if the expected genetic COI of the litter will decline as a result of the mating.  If the two potential parents would result in an increased COI in the puppies the planned breeding will not move forward and another mate will be chosen.  

Standard Poodle Health Insurance


We have partnered with Trupanion! Because of this, your pet is eligible to have a Trupanion policy that will provide immediate medical coverage. This limited-time offer provides you with 90% coverage with no payout limits so you can have peace of mind knowing that your pet will be protected in case anything unexpected occurs. The best part – your pet’s current health status is locked in from day one! This means if any unexpected accidents or injuries occur after activation, you’re covered! All it takes is a quick call to activate from the day you gave your deposit up until the day you bring your new pet home!

Depending on the state you live in (NY and FL offer a slightly different plan), Trupanion Pet Insurance Company offers free 30 day insurance coverage starting the date you pick the puppy up. The company requires you to enroll prior to picking the puppy up.

Here is more information on Trupanion:Trupanion