standard poodle health

Standard Poodles For Sale

Poodle club of America recommended health testing

The Poodle Club of America recommends breeders dot he following health testing prior to breeding a Standard Poodle:

  • OFA or PennHip evaluation for hip dysplasia
  • OFA evaluation for elbows
  • Yearly eye exam by a board ACVO veterinary ophthalmologist
  • Health Elective- one of the three required -OFA thyroid, OFA Sebaceous Adenitis.
  • Heart evaluation by a cardiologist
  • The following DNA tests to avoid breeding two mutation carriers to each other and producing affected puppies:
    DNA test for Neonatal Encephalopathy with seizures
    DNA test for VonWillebrand's Disease 

Our Breeding Goals

Our goal at Tamarack Standard Poodles is to breed the healthiest poodles possible. All of our poodles are tested for genetic diseases such as PRA, DM, Neonatal Encephalopathy with seizures, and Von Willebrand Disease. Our dogs have OFA eye, patella, hips, elbow and cardiac clearances