Poodle colors

Standard Poodle colors

Standard Poodle puppies- colors available 

Poodle colors

Poodle colors are determined by a poodles genetics.  Each puppy inherits one color gene from each parent. The combination of these two genes is what you will see in your dog.

The dominant gene usually overcomes the recessive one, but you can also have two dominant and two recessive genes. Some genes are responsible for specific patterns or markings, and others control the pigment your dog will have.  Many things influence how a poodle's coat color will express itself.  Predicting exact colors and patterns is very difficult.

Poodle Puppies coat colors will change over time

A poodles coat color can change over time making it even more difficult to predict the color as an adult.  The process of a Poodle coat lightening over time is called clearing. Clearing is usually uneven, and parts of the coat will become lighter.

silver, Gray and blue Poodles

All Silver, gray and blue Poodles are born black and lighten over their first few years of life. They most often reach their true color around 4 years old. 


Poodles can be multi-colored

Purebred Poodles can also be multi-colored. These Poodles are allowed and accepted according to the Poodle breed standard, they are not allowed int he conformation ring in American Kennel Club.  The United Kennel Club (UKC) allows parti Poodles to be part of their dog shows. 

different poodle colors

Black Poodle

The black Poodle is the most common.

Apricot Poodle

brown poodle 

cream poodle 

gray poodle 

blue poodle 

silver poodle 

red poodle 

white poodle 

Silver beige poodle 

cafe au lait

parti poodle 

phantom poodle 

sable poodle 

brindle poodle 

Brindle Poodles are not common, because the pattern is the result of two recessive genes. The puppy has to inherit it from both of its parents. They have a striped pattern that looks like a tiger's coat.  Poodles in this color cannot participate in dog shows. 

merle poodle 

The merle gene is linked to many health problems such as deafness, blindness, kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, and cardiovascular issues. Reputable breeders do not breed merle Poodles.

Does coat color affect health and behavior? 

There is no indication that coat color has any affect on behavior of your Poodle.  It comes down to the individual dog's lines, training and socialization. 

Health is a different story.  The merle pattern especially has more health issues than Poodles in other colors.