Poodle temperament

Poodles personality and temperament

poodle temperament

poodle temperament

poodles have a bad reputation

We have puppies available Halloween week 2023. Primrose has a litter of small standard poodles that will mature to be 30-40 lbs.  We have apricot, red, silver, and blue puppies. Please call or text Laura at 315-368-7316 or go to our puppy page questionnaire. 

Many people ask about a poodles temperament.  Standard Poodles have a reputation for being unfriendly, neurotic, and prissy dogs. If you ask anyone who owns a  Poodle they will tell you the true story about this beautiful breed.  Poodles are outgoing and very friendly to humans and other dogs.  They form an amazing bond with their human family members and love being in the middle of everything their family does.

Since they form such strong bonds with their humans, their mood can often match the mood of their families. Poodles respond to their humans emotions. Therefore, if their humans are wrestling or there is chaos in their home, poodles will react by barking or attention seeking behavior.  If trained properly and socialized early, poodles will be awesome family members.  

Poodles are not dainty and delicate 

Poodles were originally bred as hunting dogs with superior running and swimming skills. This shines through in the breed today.  Their favorite thing to do is run through the woods and play in the lake. They love to play strategy games with their poodle playmates and their humans.  Our dogs will play "King of the Hill" together.  They take turns taking over the top of the hill while holding the biggest toy or stick possible.  You can almost see their communication process develop as they allow each other to take turns as king. They also love a good game of hide and seek.  When our daughter was young, Josephine's favorite game with her was hide and seek. Josephine always did the seeking and loved every second of it.  

Poodles are athletes and thrive in a setting where they are challenged intellectually and physically 

Poodles, especially when they are puppies need exercise.  If given an hour or so of activity a day, your poodle will be happy to cuddle up on the couch with you for the rest of the day.  Poodles love to work with their humans and thrive when working on agility, obedience, or tracking training. There is so much to learn about a poodle temperament.