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Standard Poodle cuts

Most Popular Standard Poodle Cuts


Best Standard Poodle cuts

Poodles are known for their elaborate grooming styles.  These styles can be very difficult to maintain.   Tamarack Standard Poodles is located in the Adirondack Park in Central NY State.  Our Standard Poodles have 70+ acres to roam on and we are also lucky enough to live on a lake. Keeping our Standard Poodles in a show coat is not an option for us.  Our Poodles thrive when given the freedom to run and play hard in the woods and in the water.  Therefore, we keep their coats short most of the year to keep them happy and comfortable.  There are many cuts that can be easier to maintain and a bit lower maintenance while still showing the natural beauty of the Poodle. 

Easy Maintenance Poodle Cuts 

Teddy Bear Poodle Cut

This is one of the most popular poodle cuts. The poodles face is kept long and cut rounded to look like a teddy bear.  Their body is cut shorter and is cut all the same length. 

Summer Cut Poodle Cut

This poodle cut is sometimes called the kennel cut. This is one of the most low maintenance poodle cuts. The hair is kept short throughout the whole body. The hair is cut about 1 to 2 inches across the body. This keeps the Standard Poodle comfortable in hot weather and keeps the snow balls off their coat in the winter. 

Puppy Cut Poodle Cut

This poodle cut makes full grown poodles look like a puppy again.  This cut is also evenly cut throughout the body. Typically 1 to 2 inches all over. 

Modern Poodle Cut

The hair on their body is kept short. The hair on their head, ears, and tail is left longer to create a fluffy appearance. 


Higher Maintenance Poodle Cuts 

Continental Poodle Cut

This haircut is glamorous and traditional. The poodles face, throat, feet, and part of the tail are shaved. They have full hair on their ribcage, chest, pom-poms on the tail, ankles, hips, and topknot. This style is recognized and acceptable for show dogs according to AKC. 

German Trim Poodle Cut

This poodle cut offers a sharp profile when looking at their side profile. Their hair is kept long on their legs. The hair on the poodles body and ears is cut short. This cut helps decrease ear infections or ear matting. See our health page