French Poodle

French poodle Puppy

Surprisingly, the French Poodle is not French at all.

We have poodle puppies available. Primrose has a new litter of small standard poodles that will mature to be 30-40 lbs.  We have red, apricot, silver, and blue puppies available Halloween week 2023. Please call or text Laura at 315-368-7316 or go to our puppy questionnair page. 

Although the Standard Poodle is referred to as a French Poodle, they originated in Germany. The poodle breed was developed in Germany to be duck hunters. Their original name was “Pudelin” or splashing in the water.

National Dog in France is the French Poodle

Some continue to call the poodle a French Poodle because the national dog of France is the French Poodle.  "Caniche", meaning "duck dog" is the name the French use when talking about poodles. 

The French Poodle breed began 400 years ago.  It was believed that their curly coat would protect them from the cold. They shaved their neck, legs, and tail so that they could be agile in the water.  Certain areas of their coat were not shaved to protect their vital organs and joints in the cold water.  

After many years, noble families took a liking to French Poodles and they became their home companion animals.   Noble families found that they could excel as truffle hunters. Their silly nature and agility lead them to excel as circus performers.

A French Poodle is not a separate breed. 

A French Poodle is the same breed as a regular poodle.  French Poodle is not a separate breed.